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You will find a number of valuable resources in our directory: shopping, business, health, entertainment and other great sites. Take a moment to browse our directory.

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If you would like to exchange links with our web sites please email links(at)shoes-area.com.

"Why can't I find my links on your pages?" - First, check your link pages and make sure that links to our web sites are present. Second, make sure you get the email with confirmation that we added your links to our directory. Currently we update our directory once every 2-3 business days. If your link has not been added after 3 business days please email webmaster(at)shoes-area.com with request to check your links in our directory.

"Will my link be accepted in to your directory?" - We do not accept links before you place links to our website(s) on your pages. Make sure you add our links to your pages as soon as you submit your links to us or prior to that. We also reserve the right to reject a link exchange if there is a valid reason for that. If your link is rejected you will be notified via email.

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